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In 9.768 A.Y (after Yigoose), in a parallel universe, the story of a senseless and bloody war unfolds. A technologically advanced civilization of geese manages to navigate the universe and try unsuccessfully to trap the energies of the super-giant black hole Gargantua.

This attempt to destabilize the universe has detractors against the ideas proposed by the Winged Empire since they intend to maintain the order of the universe. This situation leads to agalactic-scale war that leads to exoplanets that are in development and geese civilizations that have not yet achieved advanced technological development.



Milky way

END 2021-EARLY 2022

Animal organization donation:

We will donate 5% of minting profits to an animal foundation. Which one? It will be chosen through the DAO system.

GG Online store:

Launch of an online store selling Galactic Goose products.

Leave our jobs:

Much of the team has full-time jobs. Doing this is the closest thing to a dream. Being able to do it full time, that's heaven.

Faction selection:

Our idea is that each holder can choose to belong to a faction of the GG through a smart contract. This would allow generating plots for each of the factions in the game.

Create a rewards system:

There are many alternatives to creating a rewards system. We still have to evaluate it and decide what concrete actions we will take for the holders and the community.

Q1-Q2 2022


We will send merchandising holders from GGs. Deliver t-shirts & other merch with their goose.

GG Animated Series:

Pilot chapter of the animated series. We will make a series designed for adults. Our references to work on it are in the style of A Regular Show or Rick & Morty.

Indie Game dev studio creation:

That's right, we're going to build an indie game studio. We have a trained team; we will incorporate more devs into the team, designers among others, to deliver the best quality of games.

Q3-Q4 2022

Galactic Goose Game:

Action RPG pixel art. We don't want to commit ourselves yet, but one of the ideas discussed in the brainstorming is that it would be possible to use your nft to play GG games. You could play with your character, and in addition, there could be the possibility of "changing" it with collectibles. You can dress your nft.

Airdrop for holders:

This time, all of them will have their goose in pixel art version.

Q1 2023

A Goose-Con:

(wouldn't it be awesome?)


Trait Rarity

The Galactic Goose team is very passionate about SciFi, from movies, games, music. That's why some of the Galactic Goose attributes are part of certain famous science fiction movies and games. Galactic Goose and each one of its attributes was illustrated by hand-drawn one by one. This generates unique rarities in the GG. Found out the surprising anomalies!!!


How can I buy a Galactic Goose?
On launch day, a button to buy will appear at the top of the website, be prepared to click on “Mint Now”, follow the indicated steps, and voila! You are now the owner of an amazing GG.

We highly recommend connecting a wallet before the mint.
When is the drop? And How much would it be?
The official launch date will be November 9th, 6PM (UTC), 2PM (ET) and 11AM (PT).
The mint price will be 0.99 SOL.
For more updates and many more surprises, follow our social media channels!
Can I mint in my mobile?
Of course you can! You will be able to mint through Sollet on your mobile. In order to use phantom, you have to connect through your computer or laptop.
Is there a limit on how many GG I can mint?
Nope, there is not a limit, but you can only mint one GG per transaction. You can return as many times as you want to buy more than one.
How many traits are in the GG?
Our GG have a total of 150 possible traits with 7 different categories such as body, mouth, clothes, weapons, eyes, hats, and backgrounds.
Do you have a rarity system?
Of course! Our main objective was to have fun and explore the specific attributes; common, uncommon, rare, epic, or legendary. They will appear in the system with a greater or lesser probability. This gives an unmatched value to each GG in addition to being super unique.
Are we going to have a WhiteList?
No, we will not have a WhiteList for a technical issue. We use Metaplex for minting with candy machine, which does not allow us to perform a WL.
And a Pre-Sale?
Either. Because we want everyone to have the same options and possibilities to buy, we want it to be just a release.


Fullstack developer@raberduk
Art Director@iimaginaria
Community manager@AnaMosq19838771
Art & Illustration@SilentBob
Game developer@P.H.
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